Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Not Settle For Less

This blog is copied directly from a customers email to Federal Brace. All comments and wording is directly from the customer. We have omitted the name for privacy purposes and the name of a large box store because we are nice. However, the content of the email is priceless and truly shows how as a consumer you do not have to settle for less...

" Here are some images of our new brackets. Please let me know if they are usable-if not I will give it another shot!

The first two images (943, 944) were taken right after we had our counter tops installed. I told the "designers" at the [LARGE BOX STORE] design desk what I was looking for - metal brackets that would hold up the granite counter top. I did not want the generic wood corbels that came with the install. They (not very kindly) told me to go look in the shelving section of the store. While the cheap brackets I found at [LARGE BOX STORE] were not exactly what I was looking for, I figured for the inexpensive price, I could live with them.

As soon as the granite installer mounted them he came to find me to show me how he had to brace up the counter top - the cheap brackets that I had purchased from the shelving section of [LARGE BOX STORE] would not hold up the granite.

I immediately got onto your website ( and ordered the brackets that are pictured in images 396 and 399. As you can see they look beautiful and have given me the unique look I was originally looking for. They were certainly more expensive than the cheap brackets from [LARGE BOX STORE], but I am confident that they will do the job they were designed to do, and they will look great while they do it."

We love this! Helping people create just the look they want with the support they need. Pictured above is the Angeln Countertop Support Bracket installed in the customer's beautiful home. Thank you some much for sharing. It has made our day.

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