Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to spot the differences between Lumber and Bracket Backers™

NOVEMBER 3, 2010 – CHARLOTTE, NC – Today I am comparing Federal Brace's Bracket Backer versus everyday soft lumber from a local hardware store or chain store. A Bracket Backer is not a new invention. People have been using backer boards since they started putting anything of significant weight on shelves. Here's the deal, when people are dealing with material such as sheet rock with an elevated bar application or a knee wall bar, the soft wall material cannot have a metal bracket attached to it, even if it is connecting to the stud. The problem is that the weight being carried by the bracket, which is the weight of the granite, can push into the sheetrock. This pushing down on the bottom flange can result in an impression in the sheetrock. The sheetrock can be crushed and destroyed.

To prevent flexing or crushing, Federal Brace understands the need to have some kind of barrier between the sheet rock and the weight pushing down. So we are introducing our Bracket Backer™. The President of Federal Brace, Scott Toal says, "It can be used in a lot of different situations, it doesn’t have to be used in a high-capacity setting. If someone wants to enhance the look of their bracket, the Bracket Backer™ offers a trimmed molding look around the bracket."

The main difference between the Bracket Backer™ and a standard piece of lumber is the appearance. The finished piece of lumber will have straight edges. You don’ t have to finish off the edges of the Bracket Backer™. You could go out and get molding, but it’ s not designed to hold the capacity of a granite countertop. As a finished unit the customer only has to cut down one end of the Bracket Backer™ to meet the height requirement of the installation application. The Backer is primed, ready to be painted and installed. You cut it down, paint it and you can put up your brackets.

The material used in Bracket Backers™ is mostly recycled material so it is environmentally green, and it is a medium density fiberboard which means it will be stronger than a soft piece of lumber. The Bracket Backers™ is not a suitable solution where a stained finish is required. With the Bracket Backers™ you will not find any kind of knots or imperfections. The surface should be straight leveled and ready to go since it is manufactured.

In the end both the standard lumber and the Bracket Backer™ have their positive sides, but the Bracket Backer™ is environmentally friendly, has the look you want in a countertop installation and is specifically designed for kitchen countertops.

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