Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service.

“It all starts with truly wanting to help people.” At Federal Brace we are proud of our excellent customer service. When you contact us, you will not be stuck in the everlasting loop of doom in an automated phone system. We hate those things! You’ll be speaking to a knowledgeable customer service professional whose main goal is to satisfy your needs as a Federal Brace customer.

For example, Victoria, a Federal Brace customer service rep will point you in the right direction for your product needs. While she cannot give you specifics for your project, she can guide you to available resources on our site that will assist you. Victoria will also give you Federal Brace recommendations for installations: place a gusseted bracket every 24 to 30 inches and every 12 to 18 inches for an un-gusseted bracket. “There should not be more than four inches of unsupported overhang” you will likely hear Victoria say.

When you’re ready to order you have the option of placing your order on-line or giving your information to a Federal Brace team member. We view communication with our customer as a key to getting the order right the first go around. When your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email that the order has been placed. Once the order is ready to ship you will receive an email that the brackets are shipping, and you will receive a third email giving the shipping and tracking information. At any point in the process you are able to discuss the progress with Federal Brace.

Reliability is important to any good relationship, and customer service is no exception. We will do our best to get your product out in a timely and efficient manner. If a problem does arise with your order we attempt to learn about it before you do! This helps us keep you updated on the status of your products. So in most instances when a job is delayed Federal Brace will notify you before you have to call us to find out what is going on with your order.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers needs. When complaints arise we look at how best to alleviate your burden. If there is a way that we can assist in making a bad situation better, we work to make it happen. Our goal is to be helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable, 24/7.
Federal Brace desires to give the customer more than expected, excellent customer service and a great product. Having one without the other is not achieving our goals in the Federal Brace book. Our hope is that once you receive the product and install your supports you will see that you have chosen the best bracket on the market from the best company around.

You will find us always in our continue endeavor of providing Beautifully Crafted, Confident Support. That's support of your counters and of you as a customer! Here's to great service.

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