Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to choose your Shelf Bracket. Box-Store Brackets V.S. Federal Brace

When compared to shelf support brackets found at your local hardware store or from your large national box store the advantages of using Federal Brace shelf ­ brackets are obvious. Before even inspecting the details of the comparison brackets you will notice the difference in weight. You see, the Federal Brace shelf support bracket is made out of 12-gauge material thickness. Our brackets are also 1.5 half inch wide compared to the thinner box store type supports.

We provide the stainless steel option as well as the raw steel option. We figure you want and deserve options. ­When you look a little closer at the two comparison brackets you will see that our countertop brackets are free of dings and nicks. The care of craftsmanship is apparent on the finish of our brackets. Go a little deeper and you see that we have carefully designed our countertop support brackets so that there are no weldments on the face of the bracket. Plug welding is done on the reverse side to give a clean and sleek look.

Check out the way you receive your countertop supports as well. Federal Brace brackets will come to your doorstep, individually hand packed in boxes designed to secure the parts in shipping. The final comparison will come once the countertop support brackets are installed. You won ‘t need an engineering degree to know that the Federal Brace support bracket is providing a more secure support of your shelving unit.

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